I wanna praise..i wanna praise God!

I wanna praise, i wanna praise.. i wanna praise God! 😀

I wanna praise You God. You’re my marvelous, wonderful and sweet God. 😀

Context of my situation…

I had my formal observation by my supervisor from NIE today. When i received her email last weekend and learnt about the class she wants to observe, i was like “what…” because it wasnt a class that i can perform well in. Among all the 4 classes, she just got to choose that one..

Well, so i was a little worried about how to go about impressing her. You see when a supervisor comes from NIE to see your lesson, it should include things we learnt from NIE, and not all about frontal teaching. I was teaching on algebra and i cracked my head for the past few nights thinking what interesting way can i apply to it.

Yesterday before i slept, i looked through my lesson plan again i say this is it. I have no choice but to just carry out as best as i could. I prayed and i slept.

2 divine reminders..

I met Bipeng at jie’s dance concert on Sunday and chat with him a little about teaching. He reminded me about God’s favour – specifically asking me to ask from Him. A lot of times we hope to have favour, we desire to have favour..but we never really ask from God. And so it convicted me there and then..! I have to start asking!

This morning before my class started, i picked up my QT book and read it. A pastor shared he once was very disappointed whenever he goes for healing conference or prays for people without seeing them being healed. God spoke to him saying that He heals all the time. The pastor questioned, “how can it be. they are all not healed..” and God’s reply to him was, “I always heal. But my people must receive..”

After i read it i thought it didn’t apply to me, i thought i should be reading something about peace and all..but dwelling upon it further, i realized it is speaking to me! God grants favour to me, but it is up to me to receive it or not! 😀 Hallelujah! A simple truth but it got me excited for a moment..and so i proclaimed in my heart that i receive His favour from students, my sup, and my CT.

In the classroom…

I went in and was a little worried at the first sight of the classroom..students were still in front and all over the place. But thank God, it slowly began much better, with more order in the classroom! Students were not very responsive, but enough! For the first time, i thought they think that math is easy! I walked around and even students who used to reject math were doing their work!

My thoughts…

I really felt very glad while teaching, i knew that indeed it was God who allowed all these to happen. It was all God’s favour. 🙂

God, i thank You truly, from the bottom of my heart. Thank You for your favour, thank You for your grace and mercy. I just..love you God. 🙂


One response to “I wanna praise..i wanna praise God!

  1. hee hee! thanks for this simple truth! 😀

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