What did God give us?

This is my second week in school and things are going on well i guess. I am thankful for the CTs i have been given (although they are all males, and married, haha). I am thankful for the classes i have been given too. I am thankful for familiar faces i see in school, both students and teachers. I am thankful for the working place i am given, where i can fb and blog in between rest times without feeling fearful that someone might just peep over my shoulder and thats it..

I am thankful to God for putting me here, in this school. 2 weeks before my posting, i had a feeling i am coming here, but logically, i didn’t really think about it so quickly dismiss the thought. When the posting result was out, i was like “what..???” not in a negative tone though, but somewhat just find it altogether funny and.. and happy. 🙂 I felt that God was so humourous at the point of time although i do not know why.

I am using this picture as my current desktop background now. Each day i come to work, switch on the laptop, this will serve to remind me that my God did not give me a spirit of timidity. My God gives me a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline.

I think i am under some form of stress last week, unconsciously. I guess mental stress are the hardest to deal with. Anyway, so this picture on my desktop serves to remind me every now and then that no, i don’t need to be pressured by fear, but God has given me a spirit of power, spirit of love, and of self-discipline to handle whatever i need to!

Spirit of power – to overcome all fear that i might face
Spirit of love – to teach and minister with love
Spirit of self-discipline – to make sure i do my work on time (lesson plans, marking of assignments, blah blah blah…)

This shall be the verse that i will hold closely to in the next 9 weeks. 🙂


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