Dear God,

I pray for your peace to be upon my family, dwell in my family, and always be with my family. I pray that you will bind the relationships in the family, no matter how scattered, broken, unlovely they are now, Lord may you continue to hold us as one. Father, i pray that even as a child of God that resides in my family, i pray that You’ll bring forth peace into the family. May you unfold all the misunderstandings we have, lies and delusions that each of us believe in be torn down, and may trust and love starts to build. May your healing of hurt, betrayal and mistrust come upon us all. Lord, they do not know how broken their hearts are, they do not know that they can come before you to present their hearts to you, and You’ll take them all. Lord, i know that you can, you love me, you love my family. Come into my family. I pray that God, you will start a new work in my family once again.

I pray especially for this Chinese new year, let your peace be and go with us. Let no more unhappiness takes place in the family, for i pray to you God, in Jesus name, amen.


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