I love the month of December because…

…it’s the Christmas season!

I love Christmas! Simply love it!
I used to love Christmas loads and always spend it by heading down to Orchard with Fey and just have fun spraying those snowy foams at people and loiter around there till wee hours in the morning!

But i love Christmas so much more few years back simply because the trueee meaning of Christmas becomes so dear to me. It’s my BEST friend’s birthday, Jesus! =D Brings so much more meaning to celebrating Christmas. Probably the most important day of a year that we should all rejoice and give thanks for!

I love Christmas also because of the christmas gifts! I like the feeling of opening up christmas presents (together with my birthday presents haa). I like the feeling of opening up presents for a few days! Of course the buying of presents part is a bit leh chey haha. But think it can be quite fun too! Shop with the right people and you will spend half the time laughing (i.e. kevin see) I like the festive mood in the shopping malls too! “Hark the harold angel sing.. glory to the newborn King” 🙂

..just like the year end mood!
It always feel different when it comes to year end. I somehow think and feel that people around me are less stressed, everybody seems more joyful haa. Having the satisfactory feeling when you look back at the whole year and recount on what took place. Hah. Another year is almost coming to an end..!

…my birthday is in December!!
I would be lying if i do not include this. 😛 I am so glad my birthday is in December..for no reason actually haha. Actually, there a lot of advantages eh.. like its holiday and everybody is free to celebrate with you! its the celebratory season and everybody seems to be more generous! more importantly its the month where people receives bonus! mwahaha.. more reason to extort expensive gifts from them 😛

Nah.. i like my birthday simply because i like it. And i loveee happy birthday songs lots! Sometimes i will just randomly go to youtube and listen to happy birthday songs.. love the piano version most actually! 😛 Somehow, the song itself has a very lighthearted, joyful feeling which i love a lot leh. haha.

…my 21st birthday

I love my 21st birthday a lot. Very special day with special ones. Always bring a wide smile across my face each time i think of it. So so so thankful to God for giving me such a special one. Special credits to the one who made the cakes! 😛

I have no qualms in boasting about this birthday because i am really boasting in the Lord. Boasting of what goodness and grace and love He poured on me. Blessed, blessed me. =)


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