I cannot live without You.


Every Sunday when i come back to hall, there’s always this not-so-very-happy feeling within me. Its just going to be another week to endure, to pass, to face and all. Usually after i unpack my stuffs, i will sit in front of my lappie and can’t help but to talk to God, listen to worship songs and think about Him.

It is really in times like this, like now that makes me think about God, makes me think how will life be like without God. I have grown to really enjoy God, to love Him and i want more. I can really feel His presence, even as i am typing this, His presence just around me that makes me know that i am not alone for He is with me. His comfort is with me.

So many times i felt like just escaping into eternity with God. Yet He wants me to grow, to be molded into an even more beautiful princess of His. Father God, i want to grow gracefully in Your grace, be lovely in Your love, be happy always for You.

I should fear not, dread not.. for Jesus is with me. 🙂 Everyday, in everything, and wherever i may be, i can be happy…as long as the Lord is with me.

Jesus Christ, take my life… take all of me.


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