Love with no strings attached.


Then Samson prayed to the LORD, “O Sovereign LORD, remember me. O God, please strengthen me just once more, and let me with one blow get revenge on the Philistines for my two eyes.” Judges 16:28

Samson made this prayer when he was in the temple of the god that the Philistines worshiped. It brought about much attention to me when i read this verse. Not only was it a prayer that was out of desperation, but also a prayer that was made despite knowing that he has let down God – letting out the secret of his strength to Delilah, a Philistine woman, knowing fully her intentions of wanting to know the secret.

I would not say i have gravely sinned against God before (anyway it is not about that), but there are times when i felt like i am so ashamed to ask of God to help me in my circumstances. Reason being that i felt guilty for only approaching Him when i need help. When i read Judges 16:28, i did not feel that God was condemning me, but i just felt this deep sense of goodness about having such a wonderful God. A god that loves us really because He loves us, not because of our works or our behaviours..God simply loves us.

What happened after Samson made the prayer? God answered of course by His grace and mercy. (read Judges 16) 🙂

Perhaps we should just stop for a moment and take a step backwards and recall the times we talked to Daddy. Are we the type of children who simply spend loads of time with their father with no strings attached or are we always the ones who stretched out their hands and ask for money, food, etc…?

Yet you know what.. God loves you no matter which category you fall under. God loves you. 🙂

My point is of course not to take God for granted. I made a prayer just now before coming back to hall, and i told God that i am so ashamed of myself for being a child that asks for good things from Him only in times of desperation. But i am felt even more blessed and just simply loved knowing that God will still answer my prayers. 😀

“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

Don’t let barriers be formed between ourselves and God. Let’s just humble ourselves and approached God at His throne not of judgment or condemnation, but a throne of grace.

The father that ran to welcome the prodigal son (Luke 15:20) back when he saw the son returning, that kissed him before he said anything, that put on the best robe and ring on his son… this father must be the gracious Daddy ever. And this Daddy is our God. 🙂 You are the best, Daddy!


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