A new week

Oh Lord You searched me
You know my way
Even when i failed you
I know You love me

This was the song we sang at cell last Friday. Felt so comforted by the following lyrics and i shall make it the song of my new week!

Last week has been a tough one. My mind was filled with plannings, assignments, meetings, deadlines, sms-es and phone calls to make. My feelings were like the stock market – one moment low and next moment high when good news start coming in..and then again shaken when the not-so-good news came to me. A lot of mini-shocks here and there that i felt that i cannot handle anymore.

On top of that, i reflected a lot about relationships around me lately – with family, friends and special ones.. and God. I suppose work will not really tie me down. But when it comes to relationship problems.. i can feel the tearing apart of my heart at times.


I was lying on my bed in the afternoon just now and talking to God about how fearful i am regarding the coming week, that is flooded with assignments, plannings, and my thoughts towards relationships around me. The above picture of the stick ball suddenly came to me as i told God how weak i can be, how fragile i think my heart is. I can’t find the exact picture of what i saw but this is the closest. I was reminded of the ball that when thrown in the air, it will open up (just like this picture) but when it dropped, it will close. Anybody wanna share some light on this? 🙂

In any case, it is a start of a new week. I have no idea why i am this fearful – fearful of the unknown i guess. But i know i will pull it through well, because when the tunnel is truly dark, it is really when i cling unto God like anything. As the song goes…

You go before me
You shield my way
Your hand upholds me
I know You love me

God i know you love me and you go before me. You are the Father that gives me peace and indeed when i am reminded of Your presence with me, i fear nothing. You will bless and guide me in everything. I claim victories and success in everything i do this week for You are with me. 😀 Praise you God.


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