Holiday here i come!

villagers house

Have not add any new entry since the finishing of exams (which was only one week ago but it doesnt seem like one week only!). Anyway was supposed to go Redang from 8 to 10 May but decided to on hold it due to the swine flu scare that effectively scare our parents. Anyway, not going for Redang leaves me with more time to prepare myself for the trip tomorrow to Aceh. Yeap, will be away from 13 May to 18 May at Layeun Village. Planning to teach the children math in english through games, some crafts (ha i am going to teach them how to make pinwheel!), do CP work in the afternoon to the villagers home, at night maybe have some Conversational English Clinic for the adults. Sounds like there’s lots to do!

oh this is important i must share:

My dad didn’t uprightly object my trip to Aceh this time! Last year when i asked him, he didn’t sound like he has granted me the permission to go. This year, i was randomly telling him during my exam period that i am planning some holidays after my exams and i told him 3 places: Redang, Aceh, Australia and he said “3 places??” and walked away. Didnt say no or yes ma so i took it as a yes! 😛

Then of course the swine flu hoo hah came about and he said we have to monitor the situation. Subsequently he asked me about my trips, and i told him i postponed the redang trip already. Was quite annoyed when he said he think i should postpone all my trips. I told him i already postponed my redang trip… and he walked away again.

Just on Sunday, when i confirmed with him that i am leaving on wed morning, he just say ok and doesnt seem like he was displeased! 🙂 Thank God for softening the heart of my dad. My dad is a pre-believer so naturally he would have come from an objection stand. I thank God and i believe that God is slowly working on him. One day..just one day i will proclaim this (below) out loud:

“…as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

Alrighty, till i come back to Singapore, take care! 🙂


One response to “Holiday here i come!

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