His love is mine

I finally finished my exams…!! 😀

Actually it is so… difficult to express the feelings i am experiencing now ha. Feel so light, so free of burden and stress.. it is really finally over! 🙂

I have much to say i guess. But tonight i just want to delicate this to God.

As i was in the exam hall today, i started to recall all the past exams and how God has seen me through them one by one. So many many thanksgiving, just so much to thank God for. I sat at my table there and then at the exam hall, didn’t feel like studying my notes, but to just remember God and sing this song:

His love is mine

His love is flowing right through me
Softer than the breeze, warmer than the sea
His love is flowing right through me
Cleansing all my sins, lifting up my grief

And I could sing, I could smile
I could shout out loud
I’m in His love

I could run, I could race
I could soar to the sky
His love is mine

Thank you for Your love that never leaves
Through the stubborn years, healing all my fears
Thank you for Your love that stays with me
Through the lonely tears, You believe in me

This is an amazing exam. Truly beautiful studying period (i don’t mean that the studying is enjoyable but the period). So loved, so taken care for, i felt like these are all the comforts that God has sent to me. Truly a doted child of God. 🙂

God, tonight and every night of my life, but especially tonight, i want to say a BIG thank you to you first for whatever you have done for me and bear with me. I really would not have come this far without your blessings, your grace and your mercy. Truly you are the God that is powerful and all, but most importantly, you are the God that loves me. Indeed i could sing, smile and shout out loud that ‘I am in God’s love!’. Your love is mine.


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