Pre-Exam Problems

I have two serious pre-exam problems.

Number ONE:


When it comes to studying, the bed behind me is the most dangerous spot. Once i just lie on it, i can be gone for whole lot of minutes. And when i wake up, i will get pek chek with myself for dozing off because time seems to have been wasted. I am trying to sleep enough at night and wake up fresh in the morning to study, take small breaks in between through out the day. But no nua-ing. yes, no nua-ing till 5th may 7pm. I must ren..

(of course the bed shown in the picture isnt mine. my bed is too nan kang to be shown)

Number TWO:


Something is really freaking wrong with the weather. So hot how to study?? I have a super bad headache today and yes, i am going to push all the blame on the weather. Getting on my nerves man. I have to keep hyderating myself to keep my body from being too warmed. Going to chill few bottles of water in the fridge to cool myself down when studying. I need to leng jing..

Anyway this is my exam schedule:

25th April: ST2131 Probability
29th April: SC2212 Sociology of Deviance
30th April: GE3224 Cultural Landscape
5th May: GE2225 Methods and Practices in Geography

So yes to the prayer warriors out there, RED ALERT k. Time to zou gang!

Please pray for me that i am so going to enjoy my exam studying period, wake up everyday fresh and joyful, have clarity in mind to be able to absorb all that i need to, (receive promptings here and there on the important things to take note -> ha can pray this not?), have great and abundant rest (and no backache when i sleep!), and able to always give thanks and praises and glory to God in all circumstances. Amen! 🙂

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

Yes, i can do it with God!


2 responses to “Pre-Exam Problems

  1. I feel like God brought me upon this page. I was looking for a couple of encouraging verses to print and put on the front of my binder, when I came across your studying problems. I am having the same exact thing! I have an exam in two hours and I am tired and hot. This was very encouaging! Thank you!

  2. oh..great! 🙂 maybe as i am typing this now you are having your paper already. well God bless you Jen with good mind and a clear one to answer the questions in the way not only pleasing to the examiner but also to God! Pray that you will have peace which surpasses all understanding and that you will also enjoy the paper too. God bless you and enjoy this blessing that God yearns to give it to you. 🙂 amen!

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