Full bloom relationship with God

“actually rite, last time when young that kind of faith was good but that’s not full relationship with God yet… in life, you need to experience disappointments and all, the good the bad, and walk with God then it’s a full bloom relationship.” (Lu, 2009)

Chey chey.. the above quote is from Audrey Lu! We were talking about healing, about relationships with God in the past and now… and then she mentioned this somewhere in the conversation. I thought it is worth quoting!:P

my dear sister, please continue to perservere in believing that healing will take place! “Faith comes by hearing; hearing the word of GOD. We shall walk by faith and not by sight. Focus not on the present.” (Wan, 2009) (PS: Haha i think our cell members all bui pai one right? All can say such wise words. 😛 ) I want to tell you really how great the feeling is to hear you say that you feel better just now after the conversation we had just proclaiming God’s goodness. I was also very happy to hear that your mum and dad were happy after hearing the good news. Keep believing, keep praying and keep receiving! You shall be a light and a testimony to all not only after this whole episode will end..but also even during this process! Rmb all the more it seems like you can only nua around doing nothing, do the opposite! You can do so much for ppl around you by being an encouragement to them in small ways now that you have more time! And may you be refreshed even as you refresh others! (Prov 11:25)

And just now i shared about the verse Proverbs 15:30…

The light of the eyes rejoices the heart,
and(B) good news refreshes[a] the bones.

As you keep feeding yourselves with “good news” aka good promises from the bible, your bones will be refreshed! And as i dwell a little further on the first part of the verse, i am reminded of the verse below…

The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light” – Matt 6:22


I’m not sure where the verse and meaning leads on from here… you can dwell and meditate on it then share share with me k! 😛

I look forward to the end where the true full bloom of goodness will just be so overwhelming! 😀 jiayou!

“A twinkle in the eye means joy in the heart,
and good news makes you feel fit as a fiddle.” Prov 15:30 The Message


One response to “Full bloom relationship with God

  1. haha dear friend… thanks for all the prayers and support.. i’ll get through this! God has been good and though sometimes we dun understand why, i’m sure His ways are greater then ours. It’s been a joy talking to you the last few days and God has also taught me a lot! Thank you! (:

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