Supernatural VS Stressful week

(I refused to start my entry with a “hai”)

Whoever that reads this entry, can please pray a prayer for me?

This is not a very bad bad situation but something that i really want to have a breakthrough in. I am forsaking my time to do my reading to type this now and i know it is going to be worth my time. I am feeling depressed about going to school tmr – tutorials week. I have trouble feeling confident in class, sharing what my views are, which is actually important because there is participation points. I feel stress when i cannot think of what to write for my GE 3239 portfolio – a report that i need to do weekly. I feel scared and lost when i don’t know what is taught in math lecture class. I feel stressed up when there are a lot of projects to work on all at one go.

I know all these can be dealt with easily. Like David throwing one stone at Goliath. These troubles of mine add up to be Goliath. But i pray that i will see a BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG GOD this week. I know that He is BIGGER than all that i am facing and He can help me with it. Lord, i pray you will show yourself so mightily to me this week, i will know that it is not by my works, but by Your favour and grace and mercy that you have granted me to let me enjoy this week. Lord i pray for good news, good events and good things to take place this week. May i have plenty of chances to thank you and share my joy with you this week God. I want to think of the SUPERNATURAL and not the stressful week. Indeed, it can be done because you are my GOD. Amen!!! 🙂
This is the stone. Small.. but more than enough for the Goliath that we need to fight.

PS to ndquek: if you get to read this, jiayou ok. God will help us to fight our fear and give us all that we need to deal with whatever we need to deal. Jiayou! jiayou in praying and trusting in and receiving from God! amen! 🙂


4 responses to “Supernatural VS Stressful week

  1. I just prayed for you, that God would give you His energy and persistence to tackle the week ahead, that even in a stressful time you may feel peace. “For in Him we live, and move, and have our being.”

  2. wow thanks! 🙂

  3. Amen! U had just ran back to your MAKER who had formed you fearfully and wonderfully… HE knows, HE cares, HE provides…
    When I was in uni, I felt the stress and pressure on the 1st day of semester especially when I attended the 1st lectures and was informed on all the requirements and demands of each unit I was taking then. I quickly surrender to DADDY on the spot in the lecture hall. I told HIM I trust in HIM and that HE will walk through with me each unit and HE will provide all resources I need.
    True enough, my uni days were fruitful and eventful. From 2nd semester onwards I had Distinctions or High Distinctions for all my presentations, projects and overall results.
    Taste HIM and know HE’s good!!!

  4. wow thank u quan. u always never fail to comment smth that is so encouraging and reminding me that our Daddy who cares who knows and provides..! 🙂 amen!

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