Relaxing Week

I think these 5 weeks of holidays is so far the best and is the most relaxing. I did not work, have loads of activities since the day i finished my exams.. (BSP paper, youth camp, wedding, wedding, party, party, party, countdown, bonding…) Happening man.. 🙂

As for the last week of holiday before school starts, i am really enjoying myself doing nothing or simple things. Among all that i have done, most satisfactory de would be packing of my room! Nowadays very jie pi now that the room is clean and tidy. I used to only sweep the floor like once a week?? and when i feel its dusty, i will sweep le!

I have started on the new BSP module: Genesis – Deuteronomy. 5 books of the Old Testament. I think this BSP has taught me to really read the bible (which i think that the QT using the 365 day bible guide is not really reading of bible..maybe scanning). I picked up small bits of truths which i never knew before past few days as i read. Like.. i didn’t know it was Adam who gave Eve the name, and Eve has no name before they sin. Eve was only referred to as woman. The name Jacob and Israel was used interchangably – there must be a reason why since both the names bear different meanings. Just like the name “Simon” and “Peter”, Jesus gave the name “Peter” to affirm him to be like a rock.

my name “heli” is also found in the bible ok! (Hint: Luke 3:23) Wonder what is the meaning of it. Anyway my name is given by my father, unlike my brothers whose name were given by my yeye – zhi4 guang1 and zhi4 hui1. guang + hui = guang1 hui1. Mine? My dad says when i was about to come into the world, his side of siblings always quarrel.. and thus the name “he2” which means peace. As for the “li”… he said that time Deng Li Jun got one song very popular, that is.. “hao yi duo mei li de mo li hua…”. Thank God he never called me “he hua”.

Anyway, God must have inspired him to give me that name. I like my name. 😛 short and sweet. Thankew God!


3 responses to “Relaxing Week

  1. Hey He Li, indeed you have a nice name! Its unique. I like the new name u gave me too. “Ka-La Jie”, it never fails to make me laugh. LOL.

  2. Oh btw… I think He Hua is still quite alright. If its “Mo Li Hua”, hahaha. Somehow it reminds me of Aunty Poh Suan, if u know what I mean. 😀

  3. HAHA! i know what you meant!!! 😀

    yaaa i love the name “ka-la jie” too. hahahaha. sounds very qing qie when i call u that. 😛

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