It must have been God.


As i conversed with Addy about the party night, it reminded me of everything that i thought of that night, it must all have been planned by God – everything since the day i thought about having a party till the party is over.

I was really overwhelmed as the party was ongoing, with people just streaming into the chalet. I did expect many people and who to come etc. But when the real thing happened, when you really see many people from different aspects of your life appearing altogether at one go, wow its really.. overwhelming! πŸ˜€

I remembered i just could not handle that “pressure” and i cried under the tree outside the chalet when Jie prayed for me. It was a relieve i guess. I know something must be taking place inside of me. After that i went in to rehearse with Linus for the special item. Initially, i was so tempted to call it off as people were also engrossed with the xiao niang er show.. just blow the cake and people can continue the show. Thank God i did not cancel it! πŸ˜€

In the room, my cell was encouraging me and even pei me practiced the songs. I kept singing in the wrong chord.. was really desperate there and then and i prayed that God please, give me the confidence and courage to do it well, and give me the voice to sing it! And tada..! Practiced le.. came out and i sat at the “stage” and that was it.

The only regret if i had was that i did not share the part about my mum and godmum clearly over the mic. And i could have shared more about God’s goodness. I must say, even thought this item was for God, He helped me throughout the preparation too. I am actually quite thankful and glad that i did not do the “21 songs for Jesus” because i thought “θΏ™δΈ€η”Ÿζœ€ηΎŽηš„η₯η¦” is much more meaningful. πŸ™‚

I guess few years back, i have already received the greatest gift. That is.. the gift of knowing You. πŸ™‚


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