The Special Number – 21


When i look at this picture, i can recall the special night that God has given to me. The night where there’s joy beyond words and His unexplainable and tangible presence that i felt. The goodness and blessings that He has allowed to just freely flow was so immense. I can only thank God for all that He has given.

I do not know how special is your twenty one. I know how special it had been for mine. It was special because it was from the Lord. From this someone who can do nothing but everything for the child He loves and He yearns to see me smile joyfully and thanking Him for everything. 🙂

Indeed i thank you so much God. You have given me all and much more. What a marvelous party you have planned and given to me. You just knew how wonderful it is going to be and simply waiting for me to receive it from You. You are the reason why the party is great too. Praise God. 🙂


7 responses to “The Special Number – 21

  1. 🙂 only God could have orchestrated the right size table for the number of sweet tiramisu- 80 in all, to fit “21” in a circle- PERFECTLY. not one out of place. how wonderful is He 🙂

    we are blessed to witness His loving hands on your life, especially on this special 21st of yours.

    thank you for giving God first place 🙂

  2. how did you get to know the existence of this site so fast! it’s barely even 2 hours old! haha!

    yeah man. Only and only God can do all that. He deserves more than my first place. He alone is good. 🙂

    thank you for being part of the party – part of the big gift of His to me. 🙂

  3. we went home with BIG gifts as well 🙂 testimonies of God’s goodness.

    hee. barely two hours?? i was doing my “rounds” when i saw the link to your new blog on your old blog.

    see yoo on the morrow dearie!

  4. Happy Birthday!!! 🙂

    And I am so sorry that I can’t attend your party though..But hope you will have the party with a BIG BANG!! 😀

  5. yeah it was indeed a big BIG BANG! 😀 haha.

  6. So i am late,

    Happy birthday! (: And i’ll hopefully see you in school again when it begins (urgh).

  7. woaaa. thanks! 😀

    haha yess see you in school! but doubt i am going to take any module with you.. gonna do cultural and env sustainability which you already did! unless you are taking methods! 😛

    still, hope to catch u in school!

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